Christina Ziem

Christina Ziem

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First Name * Christina
Last Name * Ziem
Username * BloodyMary
Country * Germany
City Berlin
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman



Availability: student


I am a 26-year-old student with an inquisitive mind and enthusiastic towards new challenges. With multimedia and communication studies I have done the right step in the right direction. I followed my heart and my passion for creative and aesthetic things. My studies turned out as a good opportunity to join my interests with like-minded people and realize my own ideas. With my two majors “virtual reality producing” and “film and television” I found the perfect combination to acquire my professional skills.
What characterizes me is an intense commitment for things and projects which fascinate me. Since an idea has caught me I want to realize it no matter how tricky or elaborate it is. On my own or in a team I always try to meet my borders to motivate other people and use my skills in the best way for all people. Concerning my later job I expect productive work and an opportunity to realize my aims and ideas. I want to create something, which moves persons, touches, occupies, inspires them, something they keep in mind or even influences their life's.

A long way , but I am up to cut my own path.